Missing Person

If a member of the Augustana University community has reason to believe that a student is missing, whether or not the student resides in campus housing, all possible efforts are made to locate the student to determine their state of health and well-being through the collaboration of the Dean of Student's Office and the Department of Campus Safety.

If the student lives in college housing, the Department of Campus Safety will secure authorization from the Dean of Student's Office to make a welfare entry into the student's room. If the student lives off-campus, the Department of Campus Safety will informally enlist the aid of the law enforcement agency having jurisdication.

College officials will attempt to determine the student's whereabouts through contact with friends, associates, faculty, and/or employers of the student. Whether or not the student has been attending classes, labs, recitals, and scheduled organizational meetings or academic meetings; or appearing for scheduled works shifts will be established.

If located, verification of the students' state of health and intention to return to the University is made. When and where appropriate, a referral will be made to Student Health and Counseling Services.

If not located, notification of the student's family within 24 hours of receiving the initial report is made to determine if they know of the whereabouts of the student. If the student lives off-campus, appropriate family members or associates are encouraged to make an official missing person report to the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction. The Department of Campus Safety will cooperate, aid, and assist the primary investigative agency in all ways possible.

In addition to the primary investigative agency, the Department of Campus Safety will also open an official investigation.

Upon closure of the missing person investigation, all parties previously contacted will be advised of the status of the case.