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The Augustana University Languages, Literatures & Cultures (LALC) Department supports enthusiastic scholarship of world languages, literatures and cultures. The ability to communicate with people of different linguistic and cultural backgrounds allows students to pursue travel and study abroad, take advantage of global professional and service opportunities and gain a competitive edge in careers.

Languages, Literatures & Cultures at AU

Languages, Literatures & Cultures at AU

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Augustana is excited to once again host its annual Arthur Olsen Student Research Symposium, set to take place on Saturday, April 13, at the Froiland Science Complex, located on the university’s campus.

Augustana understands the value and impact that historically marginalized people have on communities all over the world — recognizing that this university would not be the place it is without these students, faculty and staff. For Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Month — which is celebrated from Sept. 15, through Oct. 15 — Augustana is featuring Dra. (Doctora, or Doctor in Spanish) Pilar Cabrera Fonte, associate professor of Spanish.

Augustana University is proud to announce that Rachida Mahamed ‘25 has been offered the prestigious 2023 Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program award. A second student, Kelana De Ruyter ‘23, has been chosen as an alternate language ambassador.