Communication Disorders

Why study communication disorders?

This pre-professional program anchors students with knowledge and clinical experience needed to pursue graduate degrees in speech-langu年龄 pathology or audiology.

  •  The curriculum follows guidelines established by the American Speech-Langu年龄 Hearing Association (ASHA).
  • 实用, supervised clinical experiences with people who have communication disorders anchor the program.
  • Students learn about normal aspects, nature and development of speech, langu年龄 and hearing, as well as various disorders associated with these processes.
Communication Disorders at AU

Communication Disorders at AU

Beyond AU

Vanessa Anderson-Smith '08, who majored in communication disorders, has been providing individualized and specialized speech and occupational therapy to children and their families through Anderson-Smith Therapy Institute since 2013.

Anderson-Smith owns and operates locations in Sioux Falls and Brandon, South Dakota.

Vanessa Anderson-Smith

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Graduates pursue careers as speech-langu年龄 pathologists who prevent, 屏幕, assess and treat, as well as audiologists who diagnose, counsel and research.

Hands-On Learning

Internship opportunities 包括:

  • Roberts Learning Center
  • LifeScape
  • Bishop O'Gorman School District, practicum
  • Baker Audiology
  • Anderson-Smith Therapy Institute

Communication disorders students study away in:

  • Spain and Morocco — focusing on 宗教, culture and environment with AU faculty
  • Norway — for the exceptional children and youth practicum with AU faculty
  • Midwest — focusing on plains vill年龄 farming communities with AU faculty

课程 & Organizations

The curriculum compounds communication disorders classes with courses in Native American studies, statistics, education and psychology. Students are encour年龄d to complete a minor in a related area.

Communication disorders students often participate in:

  • National Student Speech Langu年龄 and Hearing Association (NSSLHA)
  • Council for Exceptional Children
  • 失去了 & 发现
  • Augiethon
  • Serving and Learning Together (SALT)
  • Peer Navigator (Augie Access)