Business Administration

Why study business administration?

Students become familiar with the langu年龄s of the business environment and develop an ability to analyze and solve problems faced by the business administrator.

  • Business administration courses are taught with a forward-looking perspective, integrating technology and cutting-edge topics. 
  • Studying business administration means having interdisciplinary knowledge of human behavior, 财务状况, and 市场营销 strategies to succeed in business, law and public service.

Business Administration at AU

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Augustana University will launch its newest academic program, Augustana University Fintech Program by Pathward™, in the fall of 2023. With the support of Augustana’s key strategic partner, Pathward™,N.A., (formerly MetaBank, N.A.), the major will be the first of its kind in the region. 

Meghan Harold ‘22, 帕克的, 南达科塔州, is triple majoring in accounting, business and 金融, and plans to graduate from the Augustana Master of Professional Accountancy (MPA) Program in December. In part due to connections at Augustana University, the Air Force veteran was able to land an internship at 恩斯特 & 年轻的律师事务所 this summer in Cleveland, Ohio.

Augustana University student Olivia Bertino ‘23 is a journalism, 西班牙语, business administration and 市场营销 quadruple major from Omaha, 内布拉斯加州. She is interning this summer at Levitt Sioux Falls — part of a national network of outdoor Levitt music venues dedicated to strengthening the social fabric of communities through free summer concerts.


Three business administration students


Many graduates secure employment as a loan specialist, 信任的顾问, real estate 年龄nt, training specialist, human resources recruiter, man年龄r or customer services representative.

Hands-On Learning

实习 机会 包括:

  • 桑福德健康
  • Raven Industries
  • 富国银行(Wells Fargo)
  • First PREMIER Bank
  • 劳伦斯 & 席勒
  • 605房地产
  • Total Card公司.

Business Administration students 研究了 in:

  • London, England; Paris, France; and Oslo, Norway — focusing on sustainable business with AU faculty
  • Thailand — focusing on global economics with AU faculty
  • London, England — focusing on Brexit with AU faculty

课程 & 组织

The business administration major offers a fundamental understanding of accounting, 金融, 管理, 市场营销, ethics and statistics. Students are encour年龄d to specialize in one or more areas to further differentiate themselves as they enter the working world.

Business administration students often 参与 in:

  • 商业俱乐部
  • 维京人的日子 Committee
  • Union Board of Governors (UBG)
  • 霍特奖