Master of Education

Why an M.Ed.?

The online Augustana University Master of Education (M.Ed.该计划通过在一个创造性的专注领域对持证教师进行培训,从而投资于他们的未来.

  • This program features a learner-designed concentration, in which students complete elective courses from Augustana’s continuing education partners prior to beginning the remaining 21 credits in the program.
  • This non-thesis program, which takes 14-16 months, 提高教师创造积极学习环境的能力,并在继续在课堂上教学的同时获得更高的报酬.
  • 该课程完全在线提供,并提供给已经获得执照的教师.
Master of Education (M.Ed.) at AU

M.Ed. at AU


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Dr. Michael Amolins ‘07 has made a wealth of Augustana connections in his life. He always remembers where it all started and why he stays connected.

12bet中文官方平台兴奋地宣布,它已经与苏福尔斯学区(SFSD)建立了一个为期两年的试点项目,让教师可以使用Imagine Solutions虚拟学习计划.

12bet中文官方平台Sharon Lust教育学院自豪地宣布,它将在2019年启动的特殊教育硕士课程中提供一个新的专业领域. A concentration in applied behavior analysis (M.Ed. SPED — ABA) will be offered online beginning in the fall of 2022.

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The Augustana University Master of Education (M.Ed.) Program faculty, including professors, K-12 educators, administrators, innovators and managers, share their inside view and decades of experience in all types of education.

Learner-Designed Concentrations

研究生阶段的学习者通过选择或创建一个适合他们兴趣和职业目标的领域来设计他们自己的九学分集中. 申请人应在申请表上注明已修毕的预先批准课程或证书. All continuing education 过去七年内完成的研究生学分课程(即使不是在12bet游戏平台完成的)可以考虑纳入学习者设计的专注领域.

Self-creation process:

  • Identify courses completed, with official transcripts
  • Justify the self-designed area
  • Approval by the program director

The Augustana M.Ed. Program recommends:

  • Completing an approved certificate through Teaching Channel
  • 通过12bet游戏平台继续教育合作伙伴完成其他预先批准的课程

Augustana also offers Music Technology Pedagogy certificates for educators. 该证书为教育工作者提供了在课堂上使用数字资源的音乐技术基础. 完成证书的教育工作者可以将这些学分作为硕士课程的一个重点领域.Ed. program.