DE&I Signature Events & Upcoming Programs

Mindful Mondays

Mindful Mondays is a program sponsored by the Augustana University Office of Diversity, Equity & 包容. Following the death of George Floyd, the event was organized by Augustana students to promote mental health 资源 for systemically non-dominant students. Since then, Mindful Mondays has grown from a virtual event to an interactive and engaging program encouraging positive mental health practices. 

In an effort to increase the program's awareness and involvement, Augustana faculty, staff and administrators are encour年龄d to provide a favorite quote, statement or positive affirmation regarding mental health, to be displayed on the @audiversitysd's Instagram.


Mindful Monday

DACA Information & 资源

South Dakota Voices for Peace has set up a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Renewal hotline for DACA recipients who may be eligible for one last renewal. 视图 资源 with immigration lawyers and BIA accredited reps who are taking these cases.


Diversity Advocate Certification Program

The Diversity Advocate Certification Program at Augustana University provides participants with the tools needed to become change 年龄nts through the demonstrated use of acquired knowledge, support and awareness — aimed at creating an inclusive environment.

Diversity Advocate Certification Program Logo

The Freedom Writers Project

The Freedom Writers Project is an opportunity for the Augustana University and Washington High School (WHS) community to share their truth, 故事, and social justice experiences. This project provides Augustana and WHS students an outlet to reveal their passion for change while educating others on the experience of growing up and living in a society that still doesn’t treat everyone equally.

Although the most visible part of the Freedom Writers Project is a contest that will publish the best-told stories, we hope the project penetrates our culture and celebrates diverse voices and forms of expression. 

Essays will be evaluated based on the richness of voice, 故事telling ability, authenticity and how well one speaks their truth. Multiple prizes are awarded.

The Freedom Writers Project